Got lost in the Chinese online world?

We customize an All-in-One Online Marketing strategy for you.

Complex eco-system

Although the number of Chinese netizens is huge, the purchasing power from them is strong, the Chinese online world is a complex and diverse eco-system. It is totally dissimilar from the western online world, not only because of the difference of the language, but also the distinct internet culture.

Heart-to-heart connection

But brands do not want to give up on this huge opportunity to stay in touch with their (potential) customers. And especially in China it is very important for them to make a heart-to-heart connection with their consumers.

Working together

So when you face such dilemma, we are here to help you build your online strategy, based on customized market research that we make for you, our expertise in Online marketing China, and your own ambitions for the Chinese market.  We work with our clients as a TEAM.


Our ALL-IN-ONE marketing strategy includes the following:

Market research report

  • Current brand awareness online;
  • Industrial online situation and potential trend;
  • What you can do online to effectively promote your company and products.
  • Competitors’ current movement in online marketing and their trend;
  • Analysis Model for online marketing research.

Customized online marketing strategy

  • Which online tools are the most effective for your company and why;
  • What you will be able to achieve through those online channels;
  • How will you be able to reach your target online;
  • How to build your community and how to manage it online;
  • Potential online campaign suits for you;
  • Instructions on various ways of building relationships with the KOLs and reaching the leads.
  • Advisory on management and development of KOLs and hard leads.

List for KOLs (Key Opinion Users) and leads


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