Want more control within the organization, but have no idea how to make this more effective?

We offer you online marketing training that is tailor-made for your company.

The daily maintenance on your social media accounts will be in many cases best if done by your own marketing department because this makes your connection with the followers genuine. Your followers can feel it, and they appreciate it.

However, it is very normal that your marketers in the companies have troubles or questions when they start with the ‘actual practice’ of social media marketing. This is where 8DaysAWeek can come in, and offer you personalized training. Our training covers most of the aspects with online marketing in China, such as:

  • Basic online marketing operational training such as Step-by-step operational guidance and Online channels functional training.

  • Tailor made training on your performance such as analysis on current performance and room for improvement.

Other online marketing related training such as ways to search for Key Opinion Leaders and effective online community organizing.


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